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Asia-Pacific Massage Institute School of Nature Therapies is an  accredited educational facility by Texas Department of Licensing an Regulations offering a 500-hour Licensed Massage Therapy program and continuing education units (MS 1041).

Our commitment to helping our students achieve their goals is our number-one priority. We will coach and guide you on your new chosen career path without taking away from your individuality. We have integrated teaching modalities from around the world to make our curriculum versatile and extremely effective in preparing you to become an excellent massage therapist upon your graduation. Your developing skills and self-discovery are the highest level of success we aim for.

"​​I miss my massage school.  I would do it all over again 100 times!!!  I miss my classmates too&Tisha Khunthana. "         -JOANI BILICIC-

"Wow.  Where do I start talking about my school.  I came to APMI in summer of 2014 and that was the best decision of the year. We ate together everyday with full table of food and mostly yummy Thai food and lots of massage daily.  My school has changed my life in many aspects of life but most definitely I became positive, spiritual and confident.  My teachers and my friends were amazing family support system for me.  I had to move from my apartment and APMI paid for my U-haul rental with the help of my teachers and my classmates moving all my furniture.   I am very thankful.  I am now self-employed as full-time therapist and loving it."    -Ramona Perez-

1500 South Dairy Ashford STE. 180, Houston TX 77077 TEL  832-693-4477 EMAIL: APMImanager@outlook.com

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Student & Customer Testimonials

1500 S Dairy Ashford Rd, Houston, TX 77077 TEL  832-693-4477 EMAIL: APMImanager@outlook.com

"APMI School of natural therapies is my 3rd massage schools.  I am from Russia originally.  I moved to California with my mother in 2010 and then Houston.  This is not a traditional basic massage school that's for sure.  This school offers so many advance classes without additional cost if you are have capacity and willingness to learn.  The instructors are very knowledgeable and INTUITIVE.   My favorite subjects were Thai and Reiki.  My school helped me start my business from legal perspective and find my office location.  I am so glad I came to APMI. "                                                                                           -AHHA IVANOV                                                 

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