1500 South Dairy Ashford STE. 180, Houston TX 77077 TEL  832-693-4477 EMAIL: APMImanager@outlook.com

1500 S Dairy Ashford Rd, Houston, TX 77077 TEL  832-693-4477 EMAIL: APMImanager@outlook.com

Fun, laid back, educational 
and easy in your private room.
Complimentary wine, Fiji water, chocolate and fruits.

Also suitable for mother-daughter, expecting couples, sisters and friends
Forming stronger loving connection, relief tension or aching from physical and mental stress. This class objective is accomplished through the simple aspect of POWER of INTENTION and GIVING to RECEIVING concepts.
What to expect

- Wine, Fiji water, chocolate and fruits.
- An excellent massage instructor with all professional tables and tools.
- Each work shop last about 2.5 hours-3 hours. Be prepared to give massage.
- You will learn how to give massage without getting tired.
- You will get to give massage.
- You will love to give and receive massage.
- You will love the science and the spiritual aspects of massage.
- This class will be informative and hand-on from soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi or dynamic Thai Massage.  There will some stretching involve depending on you and your partner preferences.
- You will learn how to handle with many symptoms by applying massage technique and natural therapies alone. 
- A personal transformation.
What to wear
Option A: Loose clothing, A T-shirt and shorts if you prefer to learn Thai Massage. 
Option B:  Anything you want since you will be undress and cover by full sizesheet. Your partner will only expose one area of your body at time.

Reservation is daily for private class. 
Fridays for group patrons.  Call for our schedule.


Private class                                           $250/Couples