Energy Medicine, Traditional Thai Medicine and Thai Massage or Neuromuscular Therapy
Did you know that your body has natural and supernatural ability to heal itself? Here, at APMI Neuromuscular Therapy believes that with the right skill of the practitioner and broad-minded client will benefit from these "Beyond Medicine" approach. 

Our Therapists are massage instructors, neuromuscular therapist, craniofacial therapist and Reiki instructor.  You can be assured you will get great body work or we guarantee money back.

1         Hour.      $85
1.50  Hours.    $135
2         Hours     $170

Appointment can be made at 713-782-8300

1500 South Dairy Ashford STE. 180, Houston TX 77077 TEL  832-693-4477 EMAIL:

1500 S Dairy Ashford Rd, Houston, TX 77077 TEL  832-693-4477 EMAIL: